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World Media House (WMH) is an emerging global, diversified media, information, and services company.

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Our primary interests include ownership of digital content marketing outlets such as Shoezandmore, The Melting Pot Radio, E-biz Trends, IDK Parenting, and The Opinionater. We leverage our international reach possessing the capability to offer brands local, national, and global exposure.

Our branded nonbias content curation allows targeted, thoughtfully crafted information to effectively target our audience’s needs and interests, making our media outlets relatable to the masses. 


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What We Do

World Media House helps mid-to-large size businesses get a better return on their investment, by helping clients increase brand recognition and exposure in the marketplace.

World Media House is globally recognized and connects manufacturers with suppliers from around the planet to assist in the developmental process of premium products. 

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I wish I had time to read the whole thing, but I paged through and it looks great.

L. Hawkins

News Editor

(The Wall Street Journal)

I think the content of Shoezandmore Magazine

is strong.

H. Bolinger


(The New York Times Bestselling Authors)

I love the idea of what you're trying to accomplish with Shoezandmore Magazine.

M.K. Schilling

Former Deputy Editor

(Town & Country Magazine)

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Client Testimonials 


We help companies achieve greater lead results, save time, and optimize their marketing tools and strategies. Book a consult today!

Impressionable, impactful, and great at what they do.

Megan S.


(Tiffany & Co.)

World Media House wants to drive results, deliver quality, and build relationships for their clients. They bring a one of a kind approach to their work that gets one thinking about things differently. I look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Mariangee M.

Senior Marketing Manager

(Ohio Health)

World Media House heavily contributed turning our $20,000 campaign budget into $8 million in less than 90 days. One campaign resulted in CFBank obtaining over 400 new leads within 90 days. The creativity World Media House brings to the business sector sets them apart from other marketing companies. They truly understand how and why people do what they do.

Michael G.

Director of Marketing



Columbus, Ohio

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