Changing the Game

During a rainy afternoon in March of 2014, sitting on the living room floor of his Seattle, Washington home, David D. Holt shared his dream of making a difference in the world with his wife, Candice. Candice suggested David start a blog that informed people of topics that some might consider controversial. That blog was named Shoezandmore, this blog led to the birth of a company, and during July 2014, Shoezandmore.com LLC was born. After receiving some unsettling news, David and his family moved back to the state of Ohio to be closer to their family. Shoezandmore.com LLC was looking for the opportunity to expand, so David talked with his advisors and decided to rebrand the company into World Media House LLC. The original blog, known as Shoezandmore.com, became one of the many media outlets under the World Media House umbrella to provide different companies brand exposure and messaging opportunities.


Columbus, Ohio

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