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David D. Holt Expands World Media House to a Neighboring State

Updated: May 5

David D. Holt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Media House, Columbus, Ohio's emerging global, diversified media, information, and services company, has expanded into Louisville, Kentucky. Holt's strategic plan to position the budding minority-owned media conglomerate establishes a forward-thinking media presence within the Midwestern states as an outlet for the people. Holt's savvy business background offers confidence to the 20 World Media House team members.

"World Media House is a media company that offers marketing services to mid-sized and large companies looking to increase brand exposure further, faster. We help companies achieve greater results, save time, and optimize their marketing tools and strategies." Holt expressed.

In 2020, a list of the top ten media companies in America ranged from News Corp. to A. H. Belo Corporation. The list doesn't include an African American-owned company, where the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters can identify over 200 black-owned media companies from across America. Holt aims to bridge the diversification gap between internationally recognized media organizations engaging through digital outlets.

Holt, a 33-year-old Cleveland, Ohio native and college graduate, created an internationally recognized company in the Midwest. World Media House's digital outlets reach millions of men and women throughout 176 countries in 190 languages.

"World Media House is a leading provider of premier services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. However, it started through humble beginnings. The World Media House team believes in reinvesting in the community as the community invests in us." said Holt.

Holt plans to bring over 200 employment opportunities to Louisville's city during the calculated 5 phase process of establishing a corporate home office.

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