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This Is The Melting Pot Radio

Updated: May 5, 2022

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, World Media House officially relaunched the new look for The Melting Pot Radio (TMPRadio), where underground music artists get airtime alongside the best in the industry—strategically blending musical genres within one location for free. David D. Holt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of World Media House, views’ the relaunch as a step in the right direction.

“This is an educational opportunity for music lovers to experience a new wave of talented individuals from different musical genres. The Melting Pot Radio is exactly what it sounds like; in 24 short hours, a person can listen to RnB, Country, Hip-hop, K-pop, Latino, and so much more. The idea is to provide an opportunity for people to hear new music and expand their minds." Holt expressed.

In May 2019, reports of over 1,500 people worked as “full-time” independent musicians in the United States, up from the previous year of only 1,290 people. However, many music artists are never paid for the work they complete. Companies like ASCAP or BMI offer protection services to unrecognized musical artists from around the world. The Melting Pot Radio pays royalties and encourages underground music artists to connect with companies that will help them protect their work.

Holt shared, "It's bad enough that some musicians are unable to make a living wage after spending years perfecting their skill. Now they have to spend time trying to market their work to the masses as well."

With active listeners from over 100 countries, The Melting Pot Radio’s global audience provides underground artists the perfect platform to be heard. Music artists must go to to submit their music. A committee of industry experts will review every submission and determine if airtime will follow. Do you know any talented musicians looking to expand their brand? Tell them to submit their music today!

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