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Video Editing


World Media House offers a full-service marketing agency that can manage all the digital marketing, content creation, and advertising attributes of your business, including strategic planning, branding, video production, content creation, and inbound marketing duties.

Brand Design

We specialize in elevated brand design focused on measurable outcomes such as increased brand awareness, revenue, expansion of digital footprint, an increase of interest, and clients. The steps we take to develop a corporate identity include all of a company's visual aspects and design elements, stretching from logos to social media assets and stationery. As an expert in brand design development, World Media House can assist with the following services:

Brand Messaging 

Brand Voice

Brand Positioning

Logo Design

Rebranding Established Brands

Brand Strategy

Copy Writing 

Content Creation

We are responsible for drafting, producing, and assigning valuable content to attract and convert customers and consumers into repeat clients. Our team renders content creation by identifying valuable, relevant, and consistent new topics for digital and print materials that entice and maintain a clearly-defined audience. As an expert in content creation, World Media House can assist with the following services:

Writing Articles
​Social Media Posts



As an agency, we develop relationships with TV commercial companies such as Spectrum, to negotiate cost-effective television slots which yield measurable viewership ratings.  World Media House is different from other agencies as we write, cast for models, and produce all commercials in-house. Prior to airing a commercial, we conduct a private viewing session with the target audience to gather feedback and case study data. Once the commercial is on-air, our creative filming strategy increases commercial viewership and interaction. The primary goal is to maximize the ad's viewer potential. As an expert in commercial production, World Media House can assist with the following services:


Talent Acquisition

Location Scouting

Hair, Make-up, & Styling

Video Production

Post Production

Commercial Viewing Area Selection

Agency Representation for Television Commercial Placement


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