World Media House is the parent company of Shoezandmore Magazine, The Melting Pot Radio, and E-Biz Trends. World Media House impacts people on a local, national and global scale. World Media House reaches every continent, 176 countries, and 190 languages. Brazil, China, India, Peru, South Korea, Sri Lanka, France, Russia, El Salvador, Israel to name a few. Within the United States, World Media House reaches 49 states with California being the dominant reader. Our audience seeks content from World Media House subsidiaries on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 51% of our traffic is from returning users. 49% of our traffic is from organic new users.


Shoezandmore Magazine is an online publication covering controversial lifestyle topics.

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The Melting Pot Radio is an online radio station that plays different musical genres.

E-BIZTRENDS.COM is a digital publication that highlights e-commerce news and trending topics.



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